Tractor-Trailer Crash Settles For $1.22 Million

On an early November morning before dawn, SP was driving east on a rural road in Sarasota County. At the same time, AM was operating an 18-wheel tractor-trailer rig, attempting to back it into the driveway of a local business. The flatbed trailer did not have any of the required reflective tape affixed to its sides, though it did have the single-amber and red side-marker lamps.

With barely an instant to spare, SP saw the trailer and threw his body over the passenger seat of his small pickup truck. The impact of his vehicle with the rear wheels of the trailer caused SP's femur (thigh bone) to be forced up and through the acceptable (hip joint), resulting in a severe comminuted fracture. SP was airlifted to Bayfront Hospital and remained hospitalized following surgical reconstruction of his hip. After months of painful therapy and a tremendous amount of sacrifice from his wife and family, SP was finally able to return to work seven months following the accident. SP will need hip-replacement surgery this year and will miss another several months of work.

Using photos of trucks filmed at night, both with and without reflective tape, Mike Mosca and David Boone were able to successfully settle this challenging case at mediation for a total of $1.22 million. Additionally, the two main insurance carriers involved initially denied coverage for the tractor trailer. Hundreds of hours intense investigation, legal research of highly complex insurance issues, and a strong visual presentation resulted in this gratifying outcome.