Motorcycle Accident Case Settles for $1.4 Million

On a beautiful November afternoon, Mr. B was traveling on his Harley Davidson motorcycle to meet his wife for lunch. He was legally operating his motorcycle when he approached a busy intersection in Ft. Myers, Florida. Unfortunately for him and his family, a careless driver made a left turn in front of him, violating his right-of-way. The catastrophic impact seriously injured Mr. B, leaving him with a traumatic brain injury, fractures of the face and skull with open reduction and internal fixation, an aortic tear, and pelvic fracture.

While not being able to earn an income, and having his bills exceed $350,000.00, FalcoLaw was able to secure for our client a settlement of the maximum insurance proceeds of $1.3 million within five (5) months. Additionally, we were able to secure $100,000.00 personally from the at fault party. This quick and successful resolution provided Mr. B the ability to pay his mounting medical expenses and continue to put food on the table for his family.