Insurance Coverage

Important Motorcycle Insurance Coverage:

Having ridden motorcycles for 35 years, I can attest that no one ever plans on getting into a motorcycle accident, but it is always in the back of your mind. I take every precaution imaginable, as well as ride defensively, but unfortunately you cannot control the other vehicles on the road. We have all heard the infamous left hand turn, "I didn't see them" or running the stop sign or running a red light tragic accidents. Certainly helmets and riding gear help enormously if you do go down.

You can also help yourself greatly in case of a motorcycle accident by purchasing available insurance coverages. Everyone's budget is different. However, if you are a motorcycle rider I strongly suggest that in addition to the basic coverages, collision, property damage and bodily injury coverage, you obtain medical payment coverage and uninsured motorist coverage. Medical payment coverage will cover out of pocket medical expenses up to the coverage limits. In Florida there is no PIP/No-Fault insurance so you do not have any coverage for medical expenses unless you have health insurance. Unfortunately, many of us do not have health insurance and for a nominal amount of money per year you can obtain $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 ... in medical payment coverage. Additionally, since many drivers on the roads in Florida are uninsured or underinsured, obtaining coverage in case you are injured by one of these individuals is extremely important.

You may either obtain separate uninsured motorist coverage for your bike, or if you own an automobile, you can purchase stacking coverage on your automobile to include your motorcycle. This is very important. When a rider is injured in a motorcycle accident typically the injuries are serious.

I have had the unfortunate experience over the past two years of representing two young motorcycle riders who were severely injured in left hand turn accidents. The at-fault parties in both of these accidents only had $10,000 in bodily injury coverage. The young men did not purchase uninsured coverage for their motorcycles or medical payment coverage and neither of them had health insurance. I waived fees and costs and allowed these gentlemen to obtain the full policy limits from the at-fault parties. However, that amount of money paled in comparison to the outstanding medical bills, as well as future medical costs. Unfortunately, unless the insurance company commits bad faith, you are limited to the nominal amounts of bodily injury coverage, or in some cases no bodily injury coverage, unless you obtain uninsured motorist coverage for your motorcycle.