DUI Accident Victims

Personal Injury Litigation For Victims Of Negligence On The Florida West Coast

Nothing is more devastating than a sudden and catastrophic injury or death of a loved one caused by a drunk driver. Under Florida's comparative liability insurance laws, persons injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a drunk driver may be entitled to seek punitive damages, even in the event a certain percentage of liability is assigned to the injured driver. The negligent driver does not necessarily need to be charged with DUI to be found liable for damages.

Passenger injuries

Except under very unusual cases, passengers injured in an accident involving a drunk driver may seek compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings and possible punitive damages — even if their own driver is found to be liable for causing the accident.

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Dram Shop Laws And Social Host Liability

Bars, restaurants and party hosts are required by law to monitor the amount of alcohol they are serving their customers and guests. Persons injured in a DUI accident may be entitled to seek compensation and punitive damages from the social host or business found liable for serving excessive alcohol to a guest. We aggressively pursue every avenue to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation you are entitled to for your injuries and damages.

Sarasota Drunk Driving Accident Victim Attorney

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