Broken Bones And Fractures

Catastrophic Injury Litigation For People On The Florida West Coast

A compound fracture or crush injury can result in years of medical treatment, ongoing pain and permanent loss of mobility. One of the most difficult aspects of litigating a claim for a serious bone fracture includes determining the full extent of damages over a lifetime.

Preparing a personal injury case for a fair settlement or trial requires an in-depth knowledge of medical treatment and the appropriate providers for specialized care. At FalcoLaw, we work with national experts to investigate and prepare catastrophic injury cases. Attorney Marc Falco brings decades of trial experience and knowledge to the case as well as the technical and professional resources to present the clearest, strongest case possible for maximum compensation for your personal injury claim.

If your fracture required internal or external fixation, make sure your lawyer understands the medical complications. We have helped people recover millions of dollars in compensation for catastrophic injuries in the Florida west coast region. Visit Verdicts and Settlements to see some of our case results.

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Were You Injured While Visiting The Florida West Coast?

The Sarasota region is one of the most beautiful areas of the country. Every year, millions of people come here for vacation or to spend the winter. If you were injured in an accident while visiting the area, make sure you hire experienced local representation to handle your claim. FalcoLaw has been a prominent part of the Sarasota legal landscape since 1994.

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We cover the upfront cost of investigating, preparing for trial and negotiating with the insurance company. We can even help you find the right medical provider to make sure you get the treatment you need. We recover all case costs and attorneys' fees from the amount you collect in a settlement or jury award. You don't pay us until you collect the money you are entitled to.

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