Why Hire Us?


We have experience handling Personal Injury cases for over 25 years! Be wary of the lawyers or law firms that handle many areas of the law. Be wary of the lawyers who are trying to supplement their dying real estate practice. Be wary of the lawyers who really specialize in criminal law, divorce law, general civil law, real estate, wills or commercial litigation.

Hire someone who has been specializing in Personal Injury cases for decades. Who knows the insurance companies, the doctors and the experts who are vital to your case. When you are injured, you and your family deserve to hire someone who focuses on Injury cases, not someone who does it part-time! We have handled Wrongful Death and serious and catastrophic cases in both Florida State Courts and Federal Courts for years not just since the real estate market crashed!

You are obviously someone who is taking the time to make an intelligent decision on who should handle your Personal Injury case.

Don't hire a lawyer or law firm that merely does a lot of advertising! You don't want to be just a number! Make sure who ever you sign the contract and review the very important paper work with is a lawyer. Not some runner, private investigator, assistant or case manager. And make sure who ever handles your Personal Injury case is an actual LAWYER! When you hire FalcoLaw an experienced Personal Injury lawyer will handle your case. You and your family deserve at least that. And more!

Hire The Lawyer The Professionals Hire

FalcoLaw has represented doctors, nurses, physical therapists and even other lawyers. We are the law firm professionals turn to when they know they need professional legal help protecting their rights.

We hope you hire FalcoLaw, but if you don't we hope you will make sure who ever or what ever law firm you hire will give your case the attention it deserves.

Marc Falco