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Sarasota Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Litigation For Victims Of Negligence On The Florida West Coast

At FalcoLaw, we believe that what your lawyer does for you today will have a life-long impact. In 1994, trial lawyer Marc Falco opened FalcoLaw.  The goal of FalcoLaw from its beginning was to have attorneys provide their own efforts and time to clients and not just support staff, as so many other firms do.  Marc Falco is the first choice of professionals in the Sarasota/Bradenton and surrounding areas.  He has handled cases for physicians, nurses, physical therapist, chiropractors, law enforcement as well as other lawyers.  Marc Falco is one of west coast Florida’s preeminent  motor cycle accident attorneys.

FalcoLaw – Putting the Personal Back Into Personal Injury

In the ever changing, technological world we live in, I find that our personal interactions are becoming less and less. With our laptops, smart phones and 24-hour news programs there is very little direct communication anymore between individuals, unfortunately. It is difficult to understand another person’s motivation, interest or passion if you cannot look them in the eye.

I always want to know who is doing my work. Whether it is my car mechanic, my contractor, my doctor or my lawyer. Not some nameless, faceless individual who I will never meet.

It is our recommendation that you do not hire the first lawyer or law firm you contact through advertisements or marketing. Quite often, when you call these firms and speak to someone immediately, that person is not a lawyer. You have merely reached a call center that is open 24 hours per day, seven days per week. The call center then sets up an appointment for you and the law firm sends out a “private investigator,” not a lawyer. This “private investigator” meets with the prospective client and does not advise them that they are not a lawyer. The prospective client quite often believes this person is a lawyer. This non-lawyer “private investigator” will then give the prospective client paperwork to sign. I have been told specifically by clients that, when the paperwork is presented, it is not always explained to them what they are signing. Sometimes they are told that the paperwork just needs to be signed in order to look at their medical records to decide whether or not they want to take the case. Unfortunately, the client does not know but they have just signed a contract with this law firm, even though they have never met the lawyer. Recently, a client told me the “private investigator” that met with her from one of these big advertising law firms gave her incorrect legal advice. He referred her to a clinic to begin treating and told her that her PIP/No-Fault insurance would pay the medical expenses. However, this person was injured while riding a motorcycle. In Florida, there is no PIP/No-Fault insurance for motorcycle accidents.

Please take the time to meet with a Sarasota personal injury lawyer before you decide whether or not you are going to hire that lawyer. Make sure whomever you are meeting with is an actual lawyer. Do not sign any paperwork unless that paperwork has been fully explained to you. You should also, if it is practical, receive a copy of that paperwork at the time you sign it. The best way to insure that all of these matters will occur is to make an appointment with a lawyer and meet with that lawyer in that lawyer’s office. This way you will know you are actually meeting with a lawyer. Have the lawyer explain the paperwork. If you do sign the paperwork, make sure copies are provided to you prior to you leaving the office.

At FalcoLaw, you hire a lawyer who you meet with, speak to and look in the eye. That has always been our business plan and will continue to be.

Hire The Lawyer The Professionals Hire

FalcoLaw has represented doctors, nurses, physical therapists and even other lawyers. We are the law firm professionals turn to when they know they need professional legal help protecting their rights.

From offices located close to the courthouse on Main Street in Sarasota, FalcoLaw provides legal representation for clients in Manatee County and Sarasota County, as well as communities throughout the Florida west coast region. Office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays. Call us at 941-955-9585 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation with Sarasota personal injury lawyer Marc Falco today. After hours, you may call 941-518-6064.

To serve you better, we focus our practice entirely in the area of personal injury litigation for people injured because of negligence. We do not represent insurance companies or defend liable parties in personal injury litigation matters. We handle all personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis. We cover the up-front costs of investigating, preparing and resolving your case. You will not pay attorneys' fees if we cannot help you recover money in a settlement or jury verdict.

We cover all areas of personal injury and wrongful death litigation:

  • Motor vehicle accidents: We have extensive experience helping injured drivers and passengers recover full and fair money damages following a car, truck or motorcycle accident resulting from another driver's negligence. Attorney Marc Falco is recognized as one of west coast Florida's preeminent legal names in motorcycle accident litigation.
  • Other personal injury: From catastrophic injuries due to slip and fall accidents on an unsafe property to injuries caused by defective products and sexual abuse, we are your litigation professionals. We have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdicts for our clients.

Getting A Successful Result Starts With Integrity And A Strong Relationship

We believe that our continued success depends on the quality relationships that we have built over the years with our clients and professional colleagues. The large majority of our clients are referred to us by lawyers who know our reputation, as well as doctors who desire honest, strong representation for their patients. Most important, we are proud to have a significant number of people hire us because their friends, family and colleagues recommend us so highly.

Don't talk to the insurance company about a settlement until you talk to us. Call our offices in Sarasota at 941-955-9585 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation. After hours, you may call 941-518-6064.