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Should I Hire an Attorney?

After an automobile accident, many ask, "Should I hire an attorney?" Some answer, "No, I can work a good deal with the other driver's insurance company." Others talk to friends or relatives they trust. Still others go on the Internet or buy best-selling books on how to handle claims themselves. Occasionally this works...but all too often it doesn't.


Accident cases are complicated and are rife with pitfalls. Many inexperienced people sign innocent-looking releases and give away precious rights to collect on future medical and other bills, even though some injuries take months to appear. Under strong pressure to settle, the unknowing make big mistakes about property damage claims, lost wages, or the right to go to court for settlement.

An experienced attorney will put your mind at ease and obtain a fair settlement of claims by...

  • investigating the accident.
  • managing all paperwork.
  • dealing with all complex legal issues.
  • communicating with insurance company representatives.
  • handing damage claims.
  • evaluating injuries.

Hire The Lawyer The Professionals Hire

FalcoLaw has represented doctors, nurses, physical therapists and even other lawyers. We are the law firm professionals turn to when they know they need professional legal help protecting their rights.

Call our offices in Sarasota at 941-955-9585 or contact us by email to arrange a free consultation. After hours, you may call 941-518-6064.

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